Thailand prevents Cuba’s hopes


Ankara, Turkey, August 15, 2015 – Thailand adds a 3-0 victory, while Cuba regrets losing after a head on clash on Saturday’s first match in Pool B (25-17, 30-28, 25-22) in the 2015 FIVB Women’s U23 World championship in Ankara, Turkey as Cuba leaves the match with no win so far in the tournament. 

Cuba and Thailand battle for a win this time a near miss for Cuba in Pool B, both teams shared reception and attack errors. Thailand’s Pimpichaya added 14 points and Cuba’s Aguilera contributed 13 points for their teams. 

The two Friday’s defeated teams in Pool B started the match firmly however Thailand took control of the game with forceful serves entering the first technical timeout 8-3 ahead. Cuba continued in making reception errors allowing Thailand to grab easy points. Thailand continued to pierce through Cuba’s defence when entering second technical timeout 16-11. Thailand won the first set after Cuba blocking the ball out (25-17). Thailand gets 10 points from attack errors Cuba made. 

The second set of the game started off tight as both teams aimed to take control entering technical timeout with Thailand ahead by 8-7. The second set displayed better defence and attack by Cuba, both teams entering the second technical timeout 16-13. Cuba attempted for their first ever set point for the fourth time until Thailand lead by a point ahead at 27-26. The set ended with Cuba’s Aguilera spiking out finishing with Thailand winning the set by 30-28. Both teams mutually gave 9 error points. 

Cuba started the third set wholeheartedly and lead the set entering the first technical time out 8-4. Cuba continued its dominance until Thailand found gaps in their defence and caught up a point behind Cuba 16-15. The disorganised defence of Cuba has allowed Thailand to benefit from simple and avoidable points as the set continued head to head at 22-22. Thailand finishes 25-22 winning a victory.


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