Our serves and defence were extremely powerful - Turkey's Meliha Ismailoglu


Ankara, Turkey, August 14, 2015 – Turkey overtook Brazil winning 3-0 in straight sets (25-18, 25-15, 25-14) in Pool A on Friday evening. Find out more about the coach’s and player’s view of the game. 

Turkey coach Ferhat Akbaş: I’m more satisfied with the level of volleyball we played than the victory we gained today. 

Turkey player Meliha İsmailoğlu: We prepared very well for this game and our serves and defence were extremely powerful.

Brazil coach Wagner Coppini Ferna: Our defence wasn’t so good today and the result is the consequence we have to pay for
Brazil captain. 

Rosamaria Montibeller: Our positioning wasn’t well that’s why Turkey dominated especially with their defence as we didn’t have enough time to react.


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