I’m satisfied with my player’s performance - China coach Xu Jiande


Ankara, Turkey, August 18, 2015. FIVB Women’s U23 World Championship, China defeats Bulgaria 3-1 (25–22, 25–21, 25–20, 25-19) and will compete against Italy to race for the 5-6 rank.  Read more for match quotes from coaches and captains.

China coach Xu Jiande: I’m satisfied with my player’s performance so far and proud of them. They’re are young and are gaining more experience.

China captain Chen X.T: I’m happy with today’s win as it was a challenging match; we have problems in warming up for the match that’s why we tend to lose the first set of the games we win. 

Bulgaria coach Atanas Lazarov: We started the game really well. But after first set we lost our concentration. We made a lot of mistakes. Our serves were not effective. Congratulations to China. We will see what is going to happen tomorrow.

Bulgaria captain Petya Barakova: We are very sorry to lose that game. We did not perform well during the game. We will do our best tomorrow to finish the tournament in seventh place.


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