China seizes Peru efforts


Ankara, Turkey, August 15, 2015 – China adds a 3-1 win against Peru on Saturday’s second match in Pool B (22-25, 25-20, 25-18, 25-16) in the 2015 FIVB Women’s U23 World championship in Ankara, Turkey. 

China stalled back in the first set later making a comeback and winning the game 3-1 against Peru, while China’s Song Meili became the most scorers, scoring 17 points with an attack average of 60% and with Peru’s Angela Leyva scoring 17 points too. 

The match started off tight as China eager to make a win after Friday’s defeat against Dominican Republic and as Peru attempted to make another win after defeating Cuba also the previous day. 

Both teams entered the first technical timeout at with Peru ahead by 8-7. Peru used their effective serves to complicate China’s. The set continued head on however with Peru fixed defence has enabled Peru to enter the second technical timeout 16-14. Peru won the first set with Coraima Gomez’s intense spike 25-22. 

Peru’s Leyva contributes 5 points with a 56% attack average in the first set. 

China entered the second set with a fixed and stable defence ensuring the Peru side not to take control of the game entering the second technical timeout leading by 8-6. The set continued with China attempting to manipulate the game to their advantage by using a great defence mechanism however Peru determined to not allow a total gap but gave in during the second technical timeout where China entered 16-11. China’s extreme blocks continued to overwhelm Peru 19-13. China wins second set 25-22. 

China’s Song Meili completes the set with 6 points and a 60% attack average. 

Peru started off the third set relentlessly entering the first technical timeout 8-4. The set continued with China quickly catching up both teams struggling to take control head-on 13-13. China took charge of the set and entered the second technical timeout by 16-13 benefiting from Peru defence errors. The set ends with China winning by 25-18. 

China dominated the fourth set too entered the first technical timeout 8-5 and again during the second technical timeout at 16-8. China worked out the Peru side’s frail defence and have constantly attacked and blocked. China wins the set 25-16 and Song Meili contributes a total of 17 points to her team.


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