Straightforward win for Brazil against Egypt


Ankara, Turkey, August 13, 2015 - Brazil overpowered Wednesday’s losing side Egypt by winning 3-0 in straight sets remaining undefeated (25-6, 25-15, 25-11). 

Egypt showed a poor offensive display (9%) against Brazil which had an excellent start. Brazil scored five points by blocking and all the players in the starting line-up contributed points in the first set. When Brazil had the lead at 11-5, they scored 11 consecutive points and won the set at 25-6. Only Farah and Aya managed to score for the Egyptian side. 

Brazil had an early comfortable lead 5-0 in the beginning of the second set. Egypt started to get into the game but Brazil led by 8-4 at the first technical pause. Egypt captain Farida scored with a nice middle attack and tried to stop Brazil leading further (9-5). 

Inexperienced and young Egyptian side trailed by six points at the second technical timeout. Egypt continued making simple errors and Brazil won the set by 25-15.
At the beginning of the third set, for the first time in the game Egypt equalized the score at 4-4, but Brazil took control and led 8-4 by the time they reached the first technical pause. After the technical pause Brazil didn't struggle much and stretched the margin to 17-8. Brazil closed the match 25-11 without any substantial effort. 

Milka (9) and Saraelen (8) contributed most points for Brazil.


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